Why You Should Buy a 3D Printer

Why should I buy a 3D printer? What are its benefits? Is it for me? These questions are continuously asked in today’s market that has been influenced by modern 3D printers. With the passage of time, 3D printing has effectively improved and now playing an important role in many industries.

Everyone shares his thoughts as per his knowledge and experiences. Below, you can find the reasons that most people endorse:

Reasons Why You Should Buy a 3D Printer


·       To Create Customized Household items

Gone are the days when only experts could use a 3D printer and when a whole room was required to keep the machine. Today, everyone can use a 3D printer and can create different household items. It helps you make customized and practical items that you could use for different purposes.

If you are creative, you can create items like shower heads, bottle openers, pen holder, measuring cups, or something more useful, you should get a 3D printer at home now!

You can also make something you can’t find in the market. The best thing is that it’s an open source option that allows you to make anything you want. It is simply a technology that you can play with. The open source 3D printers are particularly famous among tech lovers because they keep you building, testing, and modifying objects.

·       It’s functional for Engineering

Engineers have made full use of this modern technology to make effective product designs with more ease. After the invention of modern 3D printers, the industry has fully acquired it to design products in a better and faster process.

Other than its professional use by engineers, 3D printers also promote engineering work among kids as kids can use it as a teaching tool to make objects. A 3D printer allows your kids to bring out their creativity and explore something that is unknown to all. The science-curious kids take more interest in crafting 3D objects, sometimes even like a pro.

The use of 3D printers and other similar technologies by kids develops creativity, confidence, and discipline in them. Swimming deep in their imaginations, kids learn a lot by designing unique and undiscovered objects.

The invention of 3D printers has precisely born lots of opportunities to make education more playful and interesting for kids. Making the learning process more appealing for your kids, it effectively nurtures creativity and abstract art in them. Kids take more interest in 3D printing because it builds curiosity in them that is one of the essential elements to learn anything.

However, you should be there with your kid when he is using the printer and you should maintain the highest quality of safety for both of you. It’s important to have an eye on your kid when he is using a 3D printer because 3D printers work at an extremely high temperate that can become scary if any negligence or mistake occurs.

·       It Helps You Save Money

The ‘Do-it-Yourself’ trend has enticed money-saving desire in people. Today, everyone strives to save as much money as possible. It’s a common belief in the world of 3D printers that you can save at least $2000 a year if you create household items at home, using a 3D printer. From towel holders to smartphone cases, you can create everything through a 3D printer that you currently buy from outside.

You can buy 3D printers like Dobot Mooz and others that can smartly print a number of commonly used items at home. According to surveys, some of the items that people continuously print include iPhone cases, towel holders, and showerheads.  3D printers also save you money by fabricating broken parts. There happen to be a number of replaceable items in our homes that can be fixed when broken. Otherwise, it’s held expensive when you have to buy the whole item for a slightly-broken part.

·       It’s Helps You Make Money

3d modeling has been one of the hot topics in the world of 3D printing. Other than helping you save enough money yearly, you can also make money through this technology using your creativity. If you are creative enough, you shouldn’t go for a second job to make extra money. Rather, you should buy a 3D printer and make something adorable and useful for people.

Polishing you 3D print skills, you can also join an online printing service to make money through profitable print jobs. You can also teach others about 3D printing at your home and can charge a fee for it. Though the prices of 3D pens or printers have gone down, one still need to buy a highly expensive printer to print customized 3D objects.

·       It is Useful for the Medical Field

In case you belong to the field, a 3D printer is not less than a hidden treasure for you. Though 3D printing technology offers useful functionalities for almost all the industries, its contributions to the healthcare industry are simply amazing.  3D printers have actually revolutionized the medical field and the technology is working directly for the healthcare of people. 

From fast surgical processes to human organ transplants, the applications of 3D printing in the healthcare sector are phenomenal.  Today, 3D printers are used to create specific organ replicas, surgical instruments, customized prosthetics, and different other items.

The technology is widely used to make prosthetic limbs that perfectly fit wearers. In the past, it was common that people had to wait for weeks and months to get artificial limbs. However, 3D printing has made this process much better and faster too.


Additive manufacturing or 3D printing is one of the modern technologies that have brought great improvements in different fields. You should buy a 3D printer because it can help you make money and teach your kids about modern technologies. Most importantly, the technology has become essential for industries like engineering and healthcare. So, you should be a part of this amazing technology belt that has a bright future!


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